Alternative healthcare methods that focus on self-healing, holistic approaches, and preventive care.

Holistic Nutrition Background

Having received a Bachelors of Science in Natural Health and a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition, I have received my Certified Natural Health Practitioner certification. 

My goal is to inform you wisely so you can make your own intelligent decisions about your health. Nutrition is the study and science of food and how it affects your health.

There are different methods I use to determine different factors affecting one's health and wellness. With the help of health questionnaires, your personal intake, and muscle testing for weaknesses using different nutritional supplements. 

The supplements I carry and recommend support digestion, immunity, blood pressure, intestinal flora, nervous system, urinary, thyroid, respiratory, heart, cholesterol, and brain health. They are all natural and herbal products found in nature for the benefit of mankind and are considered food for the body. 

Cold & Flu Time tea, Zinc, C & Echinacea chewable tablets, Taheebo, Pau d'Arco, Silver (for internal & nasal spray) Tei Fu essential oil for breathing and chest rub, also the respiratory pack which contains Chinese herbs for easy breathing. Nip it in the bud!

Products Nutritional

I carry professional grade supplements and products to support health and wellness and weight loss.
Cleansing and Revitalizing made with potent Chinese purification herbs that support the defenses and promotes healthy skin and intestinal tract.

Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. Pu-erh - Yunnan Tuocha Tea, an ancient variety of Chinese black tea. Beneficial everyday tea.
Sugar Balance:
Women's tonic with Dong Quai, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and promotes healthy menstruation & menopause.

Horny Goat Weed:
Yang herbal tea. Traditional herbal tea used by men & women renowned in China for thousands of years.

Promotes relaxation & restful sleep, calmness, relaxes stress & tension. Potent herbal tea, delicious taste.

100% ginger root. For the maximum benefits of Ginger root! Spicy, strong ginger taste, delicious hot or cold.

Blood Pressure:
Helps maintain healthy blood pressure function. Chinese herbal longevity tonic, supports healthy natural balance.

Triple Leaf Teas:
My display of Triple Leaf Assorted teas are all natural and contain Chinese herbs for health and wellness. They are caffeine free.

Herbal Laxative:
Gentle, effective relief. Herbal stimulant laxative, digestive system tea, promotes detoxification.
Ultra Slim:
Herbal tea, traditional herbal support while dieting, helps promote cleansing & digestion.

Super Slimming:
Herbal tea, traditional herbal support while dieting, helps promote cleansing & detoxification.