Energy Medicine

Focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs.

Eden Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is the founder of Eden Energy Medicine from Ashland, Oregon and is a world renowned healer in this discipline.  She is married to David Feinstein, a clinical psychologist from John Hopkins University and a pioneer in Energy Psychology, which uses tapping or EFT to change the brain and negative thinking patterns.  Together, they travel the world teaching people and leading classes in this wonderful, modern medicine of the future.  Eden Energy Medicine classes are structured and approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and also the Board of Nursing for educational credits.  The structured coarse material is a basic one year Foundations coarse consisting of 4 classes.  The certification program consists of 4 classes in Arizona the second year which consists of professional ethics and a deeper knowledge of the content.  There is also a year 3 which is a clinical practicum in which you must complete 100 energy medicine sessions with mentoring and testing.  Year 4 includes the advanced studies of energy medicine that go scientifically deeper into the human psyche of body, mind and spirit.


Donna Eden healed herself from debilitating MS in which she had been in a wheelchair for 2 years. Her doctors told her to get her life in order. She had two young daughters and she refused to accept that someone other than herself would raise her children. She began to study how energy moved within and without by merely placing her hands on her own body until she felt the energy move. She moved to Fiji with her children and adopted a natural life style eating only fresh fruit and vegetables and then began her journey to wellness. She was up and walking and became a massage therapist. She had an innate ability to see energy and when people who were suffering came in to see her, she saw that their energies were not moving and began to correct this by using methods adopted from Chinese medicine, Touch for Health and other energy modalities.

What makes her system different from others is that she has realized that there are 9 energy systems in our body which she sees. Other energy disciplines only work with 2-3 systems. We work with all 9. She has found a way to track the energy in a person's system by using kinesiology, or energy testing, as we call it, as a biofeedback method to see if the energy is over or under in a system. This is like acupuncture (without needles) testing each of the 14 meridians which are the energy pathways to each organ. It uses the Chakra system which contains 7 chakras that govern and feed the endocrine glands, and are a blueprint for your life. Energy Medicine is a combination of Chinese Medicine working with the Five Rhythm Model of medicine and the Meridian Flow Wheel. This is a comprehensive, safe and non-invasive way to healing. It focuses on the disorganized energies and organizes them so the cells of the body can function optimally for greater health and wellness. It is not a diagnosis for disease, nor does it replace Western Medicine when needed. It is a perfect blend.

Understanding Energy

The profound implication of E = mc2 is:
Energy is the underlying creative force of the universe!

Every atom and molecule inside you 
emits and absorbs light and energy of different wavelengths.

Your body's energies flow, spin, spiral, stream, weave, and criss-cross in
unique patterns that support life, surging through your body like
electricity moving through a building to bring light and power.

Energy needs space to move.

Toxins, stress, constrictions in the body, and negative thinking
can all interfere with the proper flow of energy.

The people, settings, and events in your life affect
and are affected by your energies and 
your energies are always adapting to your circumstances.

Energy can form habits that persist
even when the need for the habit has passed.

Energies can be in conflict with one another or out of harmony
with the needs of your physical body.

Energies can be repatterned.

Energy can foster and restore the full, free, and dynamic
flow of health throughout your body...

This is Energy Medicine!!!