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Therapeutic Massage, Energy Medicine and Lifestyle changes for Wellness

About Tree of Life Massage & Wellness

My name is Susan Hetrick and I am a graduate of Somerset School of Massage Therapy in January, 2002, having completed 550 hours.

Since then I have also completed an additional 450 hours of study in Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Points, Myofascial Release and Muscle Release Techniques, CranioSacral Therapy I, II & III, Aromatic Body Stone and Aromatherapy, Orthopedic Massage, Foot Reflexology and Hot Stone Reflexology with a Masters in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition and Certified Natural Health Professionals and I have just completed a two year certification class in Eden Energy Medicine. My passion for Massage & Bodywork is to be able to make a difference in each person's life and my intention is to restore balance and pain relief with love and compassion for each person.

Recently I have completed Aroma Acupoint Therapy 1 & 2, a year long Master Healer class and presently I am completing a year long internship in Princeton doing and Energy Medicine Free Clinic as a Caulbearer Elite.  How exciting my path has been evolving and expanding my knowledge as a Medicine Woman, servant and Sage.  This will bring me into my old age as I would continue to help others.

My quest for natural healing has been a life-long path and my goal is to "EMPOWER" my clients to be pro-active in their health and wellness by educating them about stretching, posture, diet and prayer or "meditation".  My goal is to hold seminars and to offer energy medicine and craniosacral clinics monthly for women and children, and a "FREE" clinic quarterly. 

With holy hands and a pure heart, your body is sacred and it is a privilege to be trusted to lay my hands on your very being and your "breath of life", which the Creator has given to each one of us, so that the Holy Spirit can flow through me to you with love, so your body can receive healing.

My vision is to teach self-techniques for massage and bodywork, energy exercises and mind/body healing, to restore wholeness, relieve pain, remove stress and tension and to free your mind from negative thoughts that lead to physical and emotional pain.

Massage and bodywork, Energy Medicine and Mind/Body Healing can improve the lives of everyone. It goes deep to the heart and soul and can restore life.

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